3Q (three questions)

Better standup meetings

See your team and everything they're working on in one place, so everyone knows what to discuss and nothing is overlooked.

Start now

Choose your JIRA projects

Include the projects that are relevant to the meeting at hand and ignore the rest

See epic progress at a glance

Begin each meeting with a summary of progress in each active epic

Top to bottom reporting

Someone new starts the meeting every day, and no one gets left out. When one person finishes their report, the next person on the list gets to start.

What are you doing today to help the team complete the sprint?

Active tickets are pre-opened and placed in the center of the screen, with full descriptions, images, and development status available at the click of a button.

What did you do yesterday to help the team complete the sprint?

Let's face it – it's hard to remember everything that happened yesterday. 3Q shows both completed work and work yet to do so you're ready to discuss anything that needs to be brought up.

Is anything getting in the way of the team completing the sprint?

Flagged tickets are highlighted for discussion so issues can be resolved immediately

One click transitions

Instantly move reviewed tickets to the Done pile or TODO tickets into progress. Integrations with code repositories like GitLab or GitHub are shown inline, so you can see at a glance if a linked ticket is still open or has been merged.

Use your existing data

Treat 3Q like a smarter dashboard for your existing JIRA data. To get started, create a token in your Atlassian profile, choose the projects you want to display, and you're ready for focused and efficient meetings.

Get started

Log in to your JIRA account

You can create a token in your Atlassian profile

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does 3Q cost?

3Q is completely free. This was a pet project born out of frustration at too many long unfocused meetings. There is no tracking, no analytics, no account, and no cost.

What does 3Q stand for?

The name is a reference to the Three Questions suggested as a framework to encourage daily reports to focus on eliminating impediments and granting visibility into the progress of the team.

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